Sharing our skills

Work in pairs with surgeons from partner hospitals

AHP History

Founded in 1906, theAmerican Hospital of Paris is a private, not-for-profit establishment recognized as a public utility, whose mission is to deliver the best of French and American medical practices to its French and international patients.

The American Hospital in Paris offers global expertise, combining the most innovative investigative technologies, the most advanced treatment methods and tailor-made care on a single site, enabling patients to benefit from personalized care in the shortest possible time.

The American Hospital in Paris is recognized both in France and the United States for the quality of its care, by the Haute Autorité de Santé and The Joint Commission, in accordance with the standards applied in the United States.

Medical Talent

In 2021, the American Hospital of Paris has forged partnerships with quality clinics and hospitals in West Africa with the ambition of enabling international patients to have access to cutting-edge medical procedures while benefiting from care as close to home as possible. Through the Medical Talent program, the American Hospital of Paris aims to break the medical travel equation through training, the sharing of expertise and skills with local medical teams, and paired interventions for the benefit of eligible patients. Long-term collaboration with our local partners, with a single objective: to care for our patients wherever they are, through technology and innovation.


Collaborate with local clinics to reduce the number of patients traveling abroad for treatments that can be provided locally through training and innovation.


Actively participate in raising the profile of local private clinics & building patient confidence in the local private healthcare sector


The American Hospital in Paris regularly sends medical teams abroad to work with local teams in the best possible way.



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