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The American Hospital of Paris has established partnerships and frequently collaborates with quality clinics and hospitals in West Africa, in order to facilitate local patients’ access to cutting-edge medical interventions.

Polyclinique Internationale Sainte-Anne Marie (PISAM)

Abidjan - Ivory Coast

The Polyclinique Internationale Sainte Anne-Marie (PISAM) is a multidisciplinary hospital facility that has been a leader in the private healthcare sector in Côte d’Ivoire and the sub-region for over 30 years.

Since its creation in 1985, PISAM has been committed to continuous improvement in the quality of its care and services.

Bellevue Clinic

Dakar - Senegal

Inaugurated in 2012, the Bellevue clinic has decided over the past few years to broaden its horizons by welcoming other specialties in order to offer the population a site guaranteeing quality care in a warm and humane setting.

In 2022, the clinic boasted over 10 specialties and more than 15 healthcare professionals, all experts in their field, not to mention the entire team who work hard every day to guarantee you the best care in the best conditions.

Clinique Cardio de Dakar

Dakar - Senegal

The Clinique Cardio de Dakar is a cardiology clinic where patients can have a full cardiovascular check-up and be treated for cardiological emergencies. The clinic offers coronary angiography and stenting, as well as pacemaker implantation.

Medic'Kane Clinic

Dakar - Senegal

Founded in January 2011, MEDIC’KANE is a private, accredited clinic. It is a reference center in Senegal for the comprehensive management of diabetes, thyroid, heart and other endocrine gland diseases.

MEDIC’KANE is also an excellent reference in several medical specialties, such as general medicine, gynecology, ENT, pneumology, cardiology, dietetics, osteopathy, psychiatry, nephrology…

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire la Renaissance (CHU-R)

N'djamena - Chad

Inaugurated on November 28th, 2013, the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire la Renaissance (CHU-R) is a public health facility created with the aim of offering a credible alternative to health evacuations, which are very costly for Chad. It handles the most complex pathologies and interventions referred upstream by the health establishments and medical staff of the Chadian health network.

Equipped with a technical platform that meets international standards, the CHU-R offers a wide range of care services, focused on patient satisfaction and the pursuit of medical and surgical excellence.



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